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This copyright policy is part of our Terms and Conditions. Content found on Chappys is protected by copyright law. Please follow these guidelines to keep our content safe while we invest in high-quality journalism. This policy may change periodically.

What Is Copyright?

Copyright laws give owners the right to control what others do with their work. All published material from Chappys is protected under these laws and should only be used as described below. Using copyrighted material without permission could lead to legal issues.

How Can I Use Content From Chappys?

You May:

  • View content on any compatible device and store it for personal use.
  • Print single copies of articles for personal use.
  • Share links to articles using provided sharing tools.

Can I Republish Or Redistribute Content?

Aside from what’s listed above, you cannot copy, republish or distribute articles or images from Chappys without permission. Examples include pasting articles into emails or republishing them on websites, newsletters, or intranets.

However, limited republishing and redistribution are allowed under specific circumstances that don’t create a replacement for our products or services. When doing so in this way, you’ll need to include the original headline, receive our permission, include an article link and a teaser text online. 

Can I Copy Or Summarize Parts Of Your Content?

Without permission, you can’t republish or redistribute full-text articles from Chappys. However, you may produce summaries of parts of Chappys articles under certain conditions. Contact us if you have any questions.

Follow these linking guidelines when mentioning us: Display our logo to show where the link will go (source) and don’t imply that we endorse you. 

What Can't I do With Your Content?

You are not allowed to: Create derivative works, photocopy or scan articles, remove copyright notices, use spidering technology or frame Chappys content without permission.

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