Are Suits Being Left Behind In 2024?

Timeless elegance in modern times.

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Words: Liam Chapman

In the ever-changing realm of fashion and workplace attire, the suit has always been a constant. However, the world ig getting more and more casual with many young men choosing not to wear or even own any suits at all!

That’s why in this article we will explore the history of the suit, how it’s viewed today and discuss if it still has a place in the future of menswear.

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Brief History Of Suits

The roots of the modern suit go back as far as the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe. Back then people wore doublets, which were close-fitting jackets worn over shirts. Eventually, the doublet evolved into the beloved three-piece suit.

The 19th century brought big changes for menswear. The tailcoat emerged as the epitome of formal dress with its long back and squared off-front. While the lounge suit was made as an everyday option to give people a less formal alternative.

As time went on so did suits. Designers began looking for ways to make them more comfortable without sacrificing style.

The 1920s and 1930s introduced Hollywood glamor into it all when stars such as Clark Gable started wearing double-breasted suits. During this time the average man spent around $20 to $30 on a suit, which is equivalent to roughly $460 in today’s currency.

A suit is a complete outfit, and because of its exceptional versatility, it has become a mainstay of menswear for over a century.

Reasons Men Are Choosing Not To Own A Suit

The suit—once widely regarded as the international uniform of businesspeople—if facing a formidable adversary: casualization. As society evolves and work environments shift toward relaxed dress codes, men are increasingly ditching the suit for a number of compelling reasons.

1. The Casualization Of The Workplace

Many companies have loosened their dress codes and ditched traditional business attire entirely. Tech companies and startups in particular often encourage employees to adopt casual looks that prioritize comfort over formality. With this change in mind, many men see less of a need to own formal clothing and instead opt for different styles that better align with contemporary work culture. 

2. Changing Societal Norms

Societal norms regarding fashion and style as a whole have evolved. Men now have infinite options outside of traditional suits to express themselves. This shift towards individuality has also brought on a movement away from formal wear, contributing to the decrease in perceived necessity for suits.

3. Comfortability

Traditional suits are often seen as more restrictive and less comfortable when compared to more casual attire, because of this, many men are opting for clothing that better suits their lifestyle.

4. Cost Considerations

Suits can be expensive; from tailoring to fabrics and accessories they add up quickly. And while many see them as an investment, some see them as impractical for their budget or simply just not worth it compared to other clothing items they might get more use out of.

5. The Pandemic Effect

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed millions into remote work setups that made Zoom video calls (complete with sweatpants and hoodies) the new norm. This significantly accelerated the changing attitudes toward workplace attire and led professionals to look for more comfortable alternatives.

Why Men Should Own A Suit (And Wear It Often)

While the points mentioned above are all valid concerns, below we’ll prove that none of them hold up under scrutiny. Chappys still strongly believes that suits are the way to go for men. 

1. Casualization

The workplace has undeniably gotten more casual, and there is certainly value in investing in comfortable attire. However, it is still worth investing in your attire to maintain a professional image. By upholding formal attire standards, you will project a sense of dedication both internally among colleagues and externally with clients and customers.

2. Changing Norms

It’s a fact, guys today have many more ways to show off their style compared to years past. However, a suit is just as sleek and dapper as it was when your granddad wore one. Yes, times are changing but let’s not forget that the suit is a symbol of being sharp and professional (the same cannot be said for a lot of other outfit options).

3. Comfort

Suits have an undeserved reputation for being uncomfortable. In reality, with the right fit and fabric, they can feel like you’re wearing pajamas! Wool, cotton blends, and lightweight materials allow for proper air circulation and prevent overheating even in hotter climates.

4. Cost Considerations

Some guys might argue that suits are too expensive given how little use they’ll get out of them. But this is flawed thinking, it ignores the fact that well-made suits are built to last a lifetime (or at the very least several years). Their shape holds up much better over time compared to cheaper clothing so they don’t need replacing nearly as often. In fact, in most cases a quality suit is cheaper in the long run.

5. Remote Work

It’s easy to justify staying in pajamas during remote work hours because nobody will see you anyway. However, getting dressed up does have its benefits on productivity and morale. Establishing routine habits such as getting ready for work every morning (even if it’s just to sit at your bedroom desk) helps signal brain activity that it’s time to be productive and that lounge time is over.

Our Verdict

As we dive deeper into 2024, it’s fair to wonder if the suit is going out of style. But I’ll be upfront with you—we believe that the suit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Why do we think this? Well, for one thing, despite many industries opting for more relaxed professional wear in recent years, suits are still a time-tested symbol of elegance and charm. Think about how many people feel when they wear a nice suit: confident and prestigious. A feeling that will always trump whatever fad may come next.

But what about changing times? Are suits just another relic from the past? Not quite. A well-made suit represents so much more than a dress code from long ago. It stands on its own as a sign of professionalism and class that most people would agree will never go extinct.

So, while our taste in fashion might change with each passing season, let’s all remember that there’s a reason we call a suit timeless.

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